Wigs can either be made from Virgin hair, Human hair blend, Fiber or synthetic hair.

As you can imagine, human hair wigs are more expensive, however, the fiber that is used for our 10x10 standard wigs looks and feels very much like human hair. The only exception is that our fiber hair wigs cannot be colored like human hair, neither can it retain as much heat as human hair can.

     Wig style (Virgin hair)

Wig use has evolved over the years, as it is a great way to get creative while doing minimal damage to your hair. Whether you’re looking to change up your look for a night out or you want to add a wig to your daily beauty routine, wig options are virtually endless. To help you fully wrap your mind around what seems to be an infinite amount of styles, constructions and variations, we’ve gladly taken the time to bring you a basic guide to everything you need to know about wigs.

Right Way to Wear Your Wig?

The method of attachment is directly based on what's going on under the hair accessory and how you can best keep it in place.

  • If you have hair:It's best to tuck your real hair into a wig cap to flatten it out and create a smooth surface. For industrial-strength hold, also look out for headband that has teeth in one direction and is smooth the other way to prevent the hair from sliding.
  • If you don't have hair because of medical hair loss:Bonded wigs are best for this situation. Double-sided tape, which is similar to garment tape that sticks to skin, can also ensure the wig stays put on your scalp.
  • If your hair is starting to grow back:Sparse growth may mean you're not up for the caps and bonding, so another option is to use little combs and clips. They look like little barrette clips that open and then snap close, and it helps keep the wig in place.

Tips On Installing Your Wigs

  • Make sure your hair is clean and flat. Either pin down or braid into cornrows.
  • Always wear a wig cap! This helps the wig stay on your head and protects your hair from the wig’s inner lining and friction.
  • Always secure your wig to your hair using combs that are inside of the wig cap to ensure a snug fit that won’t slip.
  • Some wigs are adjustable, so getting sized at a specialty store is recommended for a perfect fit.

Tips On Styling Your Wigs

  • Before styling, always tuck all of the hair behind your ears.
  • Bring forward only as much hair as is needed to make the wig look natural.
  • If needed, have your stylist trim the bangs and thin the wig to make it look more natural.
  • Shorter wigs—use a brush sparingly; your fingers will work better.
  • Long, straight wigs—spray lightly with wig conditioner (for HH) and brush with a Wig Brush, working your way up from the tips, before styling.
  • For touch-ups, use a comb and wig brush,
  • For drying your wigs, use collapsible wig stands
  • Use a scarf, band and other hair accessories as you would with your own hair.

Tips On Caring for Your Wigs

  • Store on a wig stand for proper ventilation! Always remove your wig at night and place on a wig stand (unless it is a glue-on lace frontal. These can be worn for weeks at a time).
  • Keep out of direct sunlight! Covering your wig with a scarf is a great way to keep dust off and shield any sunlight from nearby windows. This is especially important for human hair, the color of which will be changed over time.

Tips On Washing Your Wigs

  • Its human hair just like your hair, therefore, it needs to be properly treated and maintained with an excellent and thorough wash. Shampooing your wig during appropriate time frames help guarantee better durability, the look of the healthiness of the human hair wig and upkeep of texture and its feel.
  • It’s important to remember the recommended time frame in which to wash your wig. Most people swear by washing their wigs once or twice a month.
  • It’s also important to remember that, even though this step helps with durability, the lifespan of your wig can become shorter because of the handling of your wig during the wash. Therefore, do not wash your hair more than it’s necessary.
  • As you wash your wig, be gentle in handling it and be careful not to create any snags with the threading or wefts.

Important Human Hair Wig Tips

  • Keep in mind when using heat to style your human hair wig, make sure it is not getting too close to the base of the wig, even while using a heat protectant, still use caution.
  • Applying too much heat to the base of your wig can cause shedding and hair strands to loosen from the wefts. Keep this in mind especially if your human hair wig was created using glue versus thread.
  • Knowing the origin of your human hair wig is necessary, not just for shampooing and conditioning, but also when it comes to the style that will work best.
  • Various types of hair work best for styling while damp and have the potential to last longer when you are not using heat.

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