10x10 [TEN BY TEN]
Started in Lagos,

Each and every woman has her own unique beauty.
With high quality hair products and highly skilled stylists, we are confident that the beauty we provide will expand the possibilities in all directions.
With 10 beautiful women and 10 different gorgeous hairstyles, we can go beyond 100 styles, or even more!

10x10 products are brought to all African women reflecting their voices using the best materials, technology, production method and finishing to the littlest detail even on the inside.
Quality, Beautiful and Comfortable Hair, adding color to our daily lives.

Visit our flagship store at Landmark, Lagos!

We have the best quality Virgin Human Hair and original Premium Fiber such as "futura®" (material made by the same manufacturer of Kanekalon®) where we have lots of samples waiting for you to touch, feel and try on to get a feel of the quality we offer.
Our Salon is available to all our customers to help customize their wigs, and style it to perfectly suit them. We also have a private gathering space to hold events, trainings, seminars and workshops for all women and hair professionals.
We do not only provide quality products and excellent services with our hair salon; we also value our customers feedback as this is directly related to our R&D team in Asia to ensure that the next batch of products are of even higher quality.

futura® and kanekalon® is a registered trademark of Kaneka Corporation


All our products are made with integrity
and 100% truthful information. Our quality is ever evolving,
with moral ethics as our watchword.



  • Virgin Human Hair Wigs

    Outside, Inside, Hair fiber, Wig Cap, Clips, Weft… where don’t we care about?
    Comfortable, Beautiful, and Quality wigs are available!
    Virgin Hair Bundles (Weaves)
    ・Virgin Hair Wigs

  • Artificial fiber “futura®”

    Can you tell the difference between Human hair and our Futura® hair without seeing the tag?
    P.S: It’s hard for our staff too!!!
    futura® Wigs and Weaves

  • ALL Heat friendly

    All our Wigs and Weaves can withstand heat; so go ahead and use your hot irons and straighteners with no fear just like your natural hair.
    (*futura® are available up to 180℃/377℉)

10x10 [TEN BY TEN] is a brand for all African women,
helping her live her life to the fullest with confidence.
We realize a variety of beauty in each and
every woman and altogether as a whole.

  • Address

    Landmark Village, Water Corporation Road, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria


    MON-FRI:11:00 – 19:00
    SAT:11:00 – 20:30
    SUN:13:00 – 19:00

  • Contact

    +234 909 810 1010