A u-part wig is a modified half wig that is in the shape of a “U” at the top part of the wig. The U-shape at the top allows parts of the wig wearer’s natural hair to be used to cover the tracks.

This U-shaped opening can be located in the center, middle, left or right of your head. Typically, this U-part is in the middle and can be filled with your own hair. So, wearing a U-part wig is comparatively friendly to your own hair in this U-shaped part. With this wig, your hair will look natural and seems like it is grown from your scalp. There are combs and adjustable straps sewn underneath the wig, which can secure your wig tightly. 

The U-part wig can be with made with any Wig/Weave.  

                         U-part wigs in various textures, showing its versatility.





                                             Steps of wearing a U-part wig


  • It blends perfectly with one’s natural hair
  • It gives natural look/feel when it blends with the wearer’s hair.
  • Has all the benefits of installing a Weave (bundles) but is even better because it is much faster to use as you do not need to sew in the weave.
  • You can take off whenever the need arises, e.g when about to sleep or swim or if you just feel like you need fresh air on your head/scalp
  • It is very easy to wear by yourself
  • No glue required during installation
  • Variety in terms of hair textures that can be used to give different looks
  • Has the benefits of wigs in that you can change your look as often as you would like because you just unclip the U-part and clip on another one.


  • Requires natural hair to be somewhat long and full to cover the U-part wig.
  • Colored Wigs/Weaves most times don’t blend perfectly with the hair unless natural hair is of the same color
  • Restriction on coloring, you cannot dye the wig to your desired color without dying your natural hair.
  • You still need to weave your hair like you are installing a weave to achieve a flat and appealing look after wearing the U-part.

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To place an order for a U-Part wig or to convert any 10x10 Wig or Weaves/Bundles into a U-Part wig, kindly visit our store and salon at Shop G11, Landmark Boulevard, Water Corporation Drive. Lagos.

For a free consultation with our professional stylist, to determine whether your hair will work beautifully with a U-Part Wig, kindly call us on 0909 810 1010 to book an appointment.

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