10x10 Single drawn bundle

Single-drawn hair extensions are easy to identify because the hair thins out towards the bottom. This means that the tips appear narrow and thin, even moreso when you have been using them for a while.

Single drawn extensions have multiple lengths, therefore, it leads to the phenomenon that the thickest hair is at the top which tapers downwards leading to the thinnest part being at the ends. 

This is a common choice for many since you can always cut off the bottom of the extensions to make it even and it’s also preferred for weave-on wearers as when installed, it blends with real hair.

A standard bundle of hair will contain about 50% of hairs of full length and 50% of different lengths. 


  • Single drawn hair looks more natural.
  • It is easy to maintain as combing is easier compared to double drawn
  • The price of single hair extensions is lower than the same length and type of hair in double drawn.
  • Due to its lower cost, single drawn hair is more popular in the hair extension market.


  • There is a lot of short hair interlaced.
  • The end of the hair is thinner than the top and looks uneven and not as luxurious.
  • Doesn’t have the bounce that most people want from their extensions.
  • Most women usually cut about 2 inches to solve this problem, which is wasting the extension, in turn money.  

DOUBLE DRAWN                   

                                         10x10 double drawn - Victoria

Double drawn hair are the hair extensions that almost don’t have shorter hairs, all of the hairs are usually the same length to ensure fullness.

Unlike single drawn hair, double drawn hair usually contains hair that are all the same length and the tips thicker. They have the same thickness from root to the tip creating an attractive and voluminous look. This hair-making process enhances the quality of the extension and can give you a fuller appearance. Hair stays in equal lengths, thus helping to create a really smooth and refined look.

The cost of double-drawn hair is usually more expensive than single drawn hair due to the production and because the virgin hair is donation is gotten from more than one person to be able to achieve the double layers.

You will definitely pay more for double-drawn hair, but compared to the quality, volume, and longevity of the hair is considered as the superior choice.


  • Gives a fuller look
  • Better hair volume
  • Top and bottom have equal thickness
  • Around 90% of short hairs are eliminated during a manual trimming
  • Creates a U-shaped hairstyle
  • Retain curls longer when styled 


  • More expensive than single drawn hair
  • Tangles more than single drawn hair
  • Not suitable for people with super fine hair
  • Double drawn is more difficult to maintain especially in fiber as you have to brush more often to prevent neck/shoulder from tangling due to sweat.
  • Double-drawn hair extensions are often heavy, long, and full of volume, so they can put pressure on your hair follicles. This makes hair problems worse.

However, no matter the type of hair extension you use, tangles are a chore. To keep tangling to a minimum, always brush your extensions. Bring a paddle brush with you and give your hair a light run-through now and then. Make sure you brush your extensions before and after use, but double drawn more often than you would single drawn.

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 We hope you find this useful.

 10x10 love.

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