A lot of ladies have stylists and a particular salon where they make their hair. To them, they are the best, because they haven’t met a better stylist neither have you been to a better salon.

What makes a stylist or salon good differs based on the client’s knowledge and experience in hair products, ethics, tools usage and so on.

 There are different ways to know a good hair stylist and salon, which is what I call… Traits of a good hair stylist and salon.

Here are a few clue on how to know a good hair stylist and Salon:

  • How the stylist uses his tools is very important. A good stylist is a professional when it come to using tools like scissors, combs, needles and so on. From the way he or she holds the tools to how they use it on your hair seamlessly says a lot. You even get to feel the difference on your hair, as you would be so relaxed while they handle your hair professionally.


         Notice how our stylist handles the straightener and comb? This client was          so happy when he was done with her hair.


  • Good stylists have great shampoo and conditioner massage techniques. They detangle your hair with ease and take their time to give you the best wash experience with their fingers.
  • Asides having a clean work station, a chat with the client to get her hair needs and recommend appropriate services is very important (this is “consultation”). No good Salon or stylist will work on your hair without this process.
  • Keeping up with trends is a very vital part of a good stylist and salon. Good salons have regular trainings and get their stylists to attend hair show, where the learn new trends in the business to better cater for clients’ needs.
  • When your stylist is done, take a good look in the mirror. Is it all you expected? Do you feel good about the experience? Would you want to go back?

Your answers to these questions will automatically tell you where that stylist and salon belong. Lol 

Remember, your hair can be your best accessory, your stylist should be a trusted professional and your Salon, a great place to brag to about to your friends.

These, and more is what 10x10 is about. Walk in today and get the best care your would ever experience. We are located at shop G11, Landmark Boulevard, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru Victoria Island, Lagos.


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