We are delighted to introduce 10x10 braids to you, this is a new addition to 10x10 beautiful collections with amazing properties to help 10x10 women enhance their beauty at ease.

Unleash Your Braiding Potential with our exquisite extensions as seen below.




Discover the epitome of elegance with our stunning range of extensions for braids that will redefine your hairstyle game. Each extension exudes an unparalleled beauty, meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend with your natural hair. From cascading waterfall braids with its human hair-like feel to intricate Ghana-weaving styles, our extensions offer endless possibilities. Luxuriously soft and tangle-free, they bring forth beautiful and luscious braids that will captivate everyone's attention. Embrace the allure of our exquisite extensions and elevate your braided hairstyle to new heights of sophistication.




Experience the softness, flexibility, and manageability of our 10x10 Pre-Stretched Braid - it feels just like your own hair! Whether you need to tie it up quickly to focus on work or want to rock a stylish beach look, this braid is easy to manipulate and can be wrapped up effortlessly, even at bedtime.


Say goodbye to annoying popped-out strands and frequent trims. Our 10x10 Pre-Stretched Braid stays soft and retains its beauty for longer periods. It is gentle on your skin, ensuring a comfortable and natural feel, just like your own hair.


Struggling to remove your braid without causing pain or hair loss? Look no further than our 10x10 Pre-Stretched Braid. Its soft and smooth texture allows for hassle-free removal. You can say goodbye to the stress of taking out your braids.


Tired of the pain and time-consuming process of braiding? Give our 10x10 Pre-Stretched Braid a try for quick and flawless results. With its tangle-free and easy-to-stretch nature, it won't pull or damage your hair during the braiding process. Beauty should never come at the cost of stress.

Below are ways you can contact and also shop the braids:

Our website is the most user-friendly self-service you would find on the internet. You need to give it a try. This is the fastest way to place orders.

We have our flagship store at shop G11, Landmark Boulevard, Water Corporation road, Victoria Island, Lagos.

You can always send us a message to make enquiries and even buy on Instagram; but we still encourage you to use our website for order placement as there are usually hundreds of messages on queue with lots of customers to attend to on Instagram.

However, the website has no delay at all and service is seamless with orders and payments confirmed immediately.

Kindly follow us on Instagram for updates on amazing deals like this and more.

  • Call/WhatsApp – For more enquiries please call or send a message on 0909 810 1010

Please click on the “Read more” below to see a guide on how to order on our website.

Lastly, for your order placement, please click! 10x10 Brand Official Site - Wigs & Weaves in Lagos, Nigeria – 10x10 online store (

Happy shopping!

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