Every woman needs to have a series of hair styling equipment to make it easier when styling their hair at home. These tools also make it easier to maintain an already styled hair.

Your favorite hair-do will influence the choice of hair tools you choose to buy. However, here are some tools you need on hand to create different stylish & trendy looks whenever you want to.


This comes in handy whenever you need to flatten/straighten your hair out to give you that sleek look. With this tool, you can smoothen out your hair strands & also straighten out curly hair.

When choosing one to buy, features to look out for are:

  • Adjustable temperature
  • Heat up quickly (within seconds)
  • Automatic shut off once it’s very hot


                                                   Compact flat Iron


A blow-dryer is a necessity and comes in handy when you need to dry & style your hair in a jiffy. For people with curly hair, sometimes drying your hair with a blow dryer helps with straightening out the curls & makes it easier to comb and style afterwards.  It also makes one’s hair look fuller & bouncy.

Features to look out for when selecting a blow-dryer is

  • Low noise
  • Small & compact in size
  • Light weight (easier to travel with)


                                              Light-weight blow dryer

CURLER (curling Wand)

This is one of my favorite hair tools, it affords you the luxury of creating at home beach waves on your hair without much hassles. You can perfectly wrap strands of your hair on this tool and have it curled without damaging your hair. Always section your hair into smaller units to achieve better result & more lasting spiral curls.  Always remember that the size of the curler determines the volume of curls that can be achieved. The smaller the size, the smaller the curls, while the bigger the curler the bolder your curls.

                                            Curly Iron (DIY) 


                                           Round Curly Iron


This is a must-have beauty accessory for every woman. It makes it easier to separate your hair into sections while you style it. It’s very difficult when you section your hair and use bands to hold it up instead of clips. Clips are more convenient as you can easily unclip and clip back in a different part of your hair without messing up your styling.


                                       Duck Bill Clip for hair styling


You heard right, yes something as little as a mirror is very important for your daily hair routine. Without a hand-held mirror, there is no way to check the back of your hair to see if it is styled properly. With this you can clearly see if there were any hairs out of place at the back of your hair and easily correct it before stepping out.


                                                 Hand-Held Mirror


Are you always in a hurry to get your hair done!!!! This dual purpose brush was made just for you. A flat iron and paddle brush all in one helps you create that silky straight hair in a jiffy. Its size makes it very easy to move around with while its ionic technology helps seal the cuticle and keep frizz at bay.


                                    Dry Bar heated straightening brush

Other Important Hair tools to have are:

  • Edge Brush for slick & smooth edges
  • Satin Bonnets to protect your hair whilst maintaining your style
  • Paddle Brush
  • Wide-tooth Comb for detangling
  • Radial Brush

Anytime you are using hot tools, always remember to protect your hair by using heat protectants to avoid any damaging effects to your hair.

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Lots of hair love

10x10 Team