If you read the last post, you would notice that I mentioned “shape of face” as an important factor when purchasing a wig.  This cannot be overemphasized, as we would love you to glow the right way. Thus, your favorite hair plug is here to give you more tips, this time, on how important the shape of your face is when choosing a parting.

There are seven (7) main face shapes. A lot of you, I’m sure are quite familiar with some of them. I will mention them, as well as the types of wigs that suit each face type so that you can make better decisions when next you go wig shopping. *winks


  1. Round Face

Round faces are beautiful and full. The length and width tend to be similar. The beautiful thing about this shape of face is that, you tend to look younger, and can easily pull off more youthful hair styles.

For a round face, you need to avoid width when selecting a wig or hair style, because you already have a beautiful full face.

Styles like shags, long pixie cuts or long layered styles can add length to your facial lines. The height can also elongate and make your cheeks look narrower. Also, short styles are easy to pull off, but be careful not to go too short.

Center parts will help make your face look longer

Side–sweeps draw the eyes across and down, which minimizes roundness

Around the face styles can emphasize the round face, which can look really good in some instances.

            Photo of a beautiful round-faced lady


  1. Heart Shape Face

With this facial type, you would want to look at wigs that fall to your chin and below. Barrel curls are a great choice, but you can also do the tighter curls as long as the crown area doesn’t have too much volume.

A center part can work wonders for those with heart shaped face. This is because hair in a center part can enhance the natural flow of the face, bring attention to the balance and symmetry of the heart.

A side part, whether slightly to the side or extremely far over will also make a very good fit for a heart-shaped face.

Photo of a heart shape face on a slight side parting hair


3.Square Face

Just like for round faces, the goal of your hairstyle here should be to minimize the width of your face.

Center parts and long bob hair styles can help you achieved this, as it elongates your face. Also, a slight side part will help soften your look.

      A square face lady on a side fringe hairstyle

4. Oval shape Face

This are the luckiest set of people. They can choose any parting, try something new or crazy without fear. You don’t even need a perfect symmetrical parting, a messy parting that looks natural will be just fine. A middle part is great. Here are some beautiful styles for an oval shape face:

  • Side sweep
  • Shaggy bob
  • Curved bangs
  • Long layered curls
  • Side part with minimal layers etc

        Oval shape face with a side part bangs


5. Diamond shape face

This shape of face is best described by narrow jawline and forehead with quite wide cheekbones.

Hair styles like soft fringes can help shorten the face a bit. Long lengths can soften the angles of the diamond shape, and you can tuck your hair behind the ears to highlight those prominent cheekbones.

Side partings and side swept styles are best for a diamond sharp face as they will help to soften the sharpness of the jawline and cover the narrow hairline.

              Diamond face shape on a side part bob

6. Oblong shape face

This shape of face is characterized by a long and narrow bone structure with a high forehead. The hair line follows a straight line and the forehead is almost of the same width as the jaw.

The width of the cheekbone is almost the same as the forehead and jaw. This shape of face is almost like an elongated square face.

 For this shape of face, short hairstyles or adding shorter layers can help frame the face and balance the shape. By all means, avoid straight flat hair with no movement or volume.

Center part, slight side parting and full side parting are best for the oblong shape of face.


Photo of a beautiful oblong face on a side part short hair

 7. Pear shape face

This shape of face is also called Triangle face. It is characterized by a narrow and small forehead with a large jawline. The jaws are the widest part of the face in this shape. Cheekbones are almost as narrow as the forehead and the length of the face is almost as long as the width.

Deep side parts or side swept bangs are to help balance out the look.

Imagine a deep side parting on this beautiful pear face celebrity!


Now, I know some of you are still confused as to what hairstyles and parting to have on when next you visit a salon. Not to worry, 10x10 has got you covered!

Just walk into our store for expert suggestions on the type of parting to best suit you. We are located at shop G11, Landmark Boulevard, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru Victoria Island, Lagos State.


Your Ever Favorite Team,

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