When you have finally gotten round to buying that Wig/Weave you have been wanting for a little while now, you want to rock it for as long as possible with it still looking bouncy, shiny, tangle free and beautiful. You want to get your money’s worth with this product and that is completely understandable.

Now, this is only possible if you maintain the hair very well. If the hair isn’t taken care of properly, no matter the quality of the hair or amount you paid for it or it be our 10x10 Virgin Hair, raw human hair shaved directly off a person’s head, it will never be as beautiful as when you just bought it.

This applies to our own natural hair as well, which is why we wear hair bonnets, tie scarves before going to bed, (silk/satin scarves for that matter), we buy silk pillow cases/sheets just to protect our hair so that same effort is required for our Wigs/Weaves especially when they are long in length.


  • Very long hair will always tangle, even Caucasians, Asians and Africans with naturally long silky hair, experience tangling once their hair is past a certain length.
  • When hair is wet, no matter the type of hair, it is in a fragile state and so very important to take a very gentle approach when brushing wet hair.
  • Paddle brushes are the most ideal for Wigs/Weaves
  • Washing Premium Fibre hair will prove difficult to someone who is not experienced in hairstyling so please bring your Fibre Wigs and Weaves to our professional Stylist at10x10 Salon, at Landmark Boulevard. V.I. Lagos.


  • Do not comb Wig/Weave when wet without detangling first with conditioner.
  • Do not apply any products such as moisturizers & oils on the hair.
  • Always brush from the extreme tips of the hair and work your way up towards the roots
  • If your Wig/Weave is long, brush regularly throughout the day to avoid bad tangling
  • Apply moderate heat to the hair, within the recommended range on the packaging (not more than 180oC for 10x10 Premium Fibre Wigs) to:
    • Improve any roughness
    • Make combing easier.
    • Cause less tangling of the hair strands
    • Make tips look more attractive
    • Reduce fly-aways
  • Always hang wig on a wig stand/hanger after use to help keep its shape and style in place as opposed to just leaving it lying about. If it will not be used for a while, store in a satin bag.


  • Do not sleep with your wig
  • Weaves tend to tease the most at bedtime.
  • It is advisable to comb your hair again and then put it in a bun and cover your hair with a scarf to reduce friction.
  • The same applies when bathing.








To be on the safe side, please bring in 10x10 Wigs/Weaves into our store at G11, Landmark so that we can launder and revamp them safely for you.

Lots of Love

10x10 Team.