The season of Love is just around the corner with everyone looking for ways to spread love….

Valentine is a special one for many couples too as it depicts a time to share & spend time with that special person in a very special way.

There’s this feeling Valentine brings that makes people go all out every year to make the experience a memorable one. Many women put in so much effort to try & look different when prepping for their outing from wearing the right make-up, to picking the right out-fit for the occasion down to their hair styling. *Smiles*

They just want the whole experience to be an unforgettably perfect one.

Thinking of dyeing your hair or that old wig to spice up & change your look, don’t be scared you

 can achieve great results by just following this simple steps if you want to DIY or you can seek the service of a professional hair colorist in a salon to help you with it.


How to Pick the right Dye for your Hair/Wig.

Modern day male & female enjoy changing their hair color to look more fashionable or sometimes to restore the original hair color. When looking to change one’s hair/Wig color, many people are so eager to get it done and end up making mistakes from using the wrong products to applying it wrongly thus leading to possible hair breakage & dryness which in turn damage the hair/Wig texture.

In choosing the right color, it is best advised to

  1. Pick a color that compliments your skin tone, yes you read right!! Not all colors are ideal for your skin type, it’s not a one-color suit all thing. Most times, people pick colors because they saw it on a friend, liked it, and assume same shade would suit them. They get disappointed when they are done with the whole process and don’t get the desired result. Be 100% sure before you embark on the hair color journey.


  1. Always do a strand test, this saves you any fuzz that could possibly arise from being allergic to the product. Take a few strands of hair, apply the product & see if there are any irritations caused. This also helps you ascertain if the color is ideal for you.
  1. Do not forget to read all the instructions. Read every details on the box & stick to the advice of the manufacturer on how to apply the product & for how long you should have it on. This saves you a lot of stress.
  1. Do you want it permanent or temporary? Many people are oblivious of the different types of dye in the market. Whilst some hair dye are permanent others can be easily washed off few days after application. You need to know what result you desire so you can pick the right product.


Application Process

You can dye your hair/wig from the comfort of your home or you can visit our 10x10 store in Landmark, where our professional hair stylist can get the task done for you.

If you are going the DIY mode:

  • Firstly, arrange all the tools you need such as combs, brush, disposable gloves, clips to pin the hair, make-up remover, Jar of Vaseline, mixing bowls, towels, whisk, the desired dye on the counter (hair density determines volume of dye to be used), bleach etc.
  • Wash & dry your hair/ wig to get rid of residue from previously used styling products
  • Detangle hair/wig by combing it out to loosen any knots
  • Apply Vaseline on your hairline/ edges if coloring your natural hair. This serves as a barrier to prevent color stains from penetrating past your hairline to your forehead. If this occurs, you can always use a make-up remover to wipe it off.
  • Part your hair into sections of at-least 4 & use your clips to pin hair down. Take your time to part hair as this saves you time thus making it easier for you to apply the product on the hair. Furthermore, go section by section from roots first then comb out the hair to get it to all the strands.
  • For wigs, the two most common way is the Water Color Dyeing Method were you dip all the wig at once into an already mixed hair dye, you have to be very careful when using this approach, although it seems easier & quicker, you must protect the wig lace & knot from getting all messy. The second most popular method is the conventional style of application using a dye brush or your hands (Gloves) to apply it. This affords you the luxury of choosing which section of the wig gets colored if

you don’t want to fully color the whole wig. However, it could be a tedious approach if you plan to dye the full wig.  

  • After application, leave hair/ wig for a period of time in-line with the instructions on the box.
  • Rinse with warm water until it runs clear
  • Apply conditioner
  • Towel dry or blow dry it either ways Viola you just changed your look with these easy steps. While at it, don’t forget to use heat protectant before blow drying.

The hair dye journey doesn’t end there, here’s a little tip to help keep your dyed hair healthy

  1. Always use shampoos & conditioners designed for colored treated hairs. They should be sulfate free (so as not to strip the color) & also have chemical ingredients to prevent breakage & damage.
  1. Don’t wash too often to maintain the color and also try to use heat protectant before using any hot tool on your hair.
  1. Get a good Leave-in conditioner this will help keep your hair moisturized & healthy
  1. If you observe that your hair color is changing don’t fret get a Color correcting shampoo it helps in neutralizing & toning down the color.

Viola you just spiced up your look this season. Go rock it ………!!!

If you need any help, kindly visit our salon at G11, Landmark Boulevard, Water Corporation Drive. V.I. Lagos