Edges vary from person to person as that part of the hair line is particularly vulnerable to external elements such as sunlight, heat, and friction from styling tools, hats, or headbands. As a result, it becomes more prone to damage, dryness, and breakage. To preserve the health and appearance of the front hairline, it is vital to adopt a proper care routine.


                                                   Front hair line - 1


                                              Front hairline- 2

Causes of front Hair loss

  • Excessive Pressure on the Front Hairline

The front hairline is particularly susceptible to external influences, making it delicate. Applying excessive pressure at the root of the hair can lead to undesirable consequences, including hair uprooting and breakage, especially in this vulnerable area. Instances where pressure is commonly applied include:

  1. Overly tight hairstyles that strain and pull at the front hairline.
  2. Plaiting certain hair styles that put excessive tension on the front hair, causing damage and breakage.
  • Inadequate Front Hair Maintenance

Neglecting proper care for your front hairs can result in their loss. Understanding the delicate nature of some front hair is crucial, prompting the need for gentle and attentive maintenance. Employing quality products and effective recipes can help preserve the health of your front hair, while also avoiding harsh conditions or excessive exposure that may cause damage.

Prevention and control of front hair loss

  • Avoid applying pressure on the front hair, don’t tighten up the front hair while plaiting
  • Constantly moisturize your front hair.
  • Avoid scratching your front hair aggressively especially when you have braids on or threaded hair.
  • When you want to remove frontal installation, gently dissolve the gum using a good dissolver to avoid pulling off your front hair.
  • Use good hair recipes that can strengthen and nourish your front hair.
  • Use quality hair products and avoid random use of varieties of products
  • Drink a lot of water and eat a balanced diet.

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