Dyed hair is different from undyed or "virgin" hair, not just because the color has been altered, but also because the entire structure and integrity of the hair changes when it is chemically treated.

There are a number of ways to maintain your hair after it has been colored. You can keep your color and style looking pristine as shown below.


                                                     Colored hair



Dyed hair can differ from virgin hair in a few key ways:

  • Hair is more porous
  • Cuticles are often damaged
  • Structural weakness
  • Less elasticity
  • Weakness when wet
  • Prone to split ends
  • Prone to breakages
  • Color fades overtime


Dyed Hair Care Tips

In learning how to take care of dyed hair:

  • Dry it naturally where possible
  • Gently blot with a towel
  • Don't brush or comb whilst wet
  • Always use heat protection products
  • Limit use of heated styling tools

Caring for Dyed Hair

When looking after dyed hair, your main concern is to treat and reverse the damage that has occurred to the structure of the hair.

Brushing it whilst wet raises the chances of breaking and stretching the hair. You should gently pat your hair dry with a towel, and wrap the towel around your head to help soak up the excess moisture.

Blow Drying:

Wherever possible, dyed hair should be allowed to air dry, naturally. Hair that is dried with the aid of a blow dryer will be at a greater risk of sustaining further damage. The heat from a blow dryer causes damage and it also opens the hair cuticles, preventing the hair from sealing properly after it is washed.

If blow drying your hair is unavoidable, ensure that you use the lowest temperature possible and only after applying a heat protective product. Silicone serums will protect against both heat and cuticle problems by smoothing the hair shaft and acting like a barrier to keep in hydration and protect from humidity. They will also cut down on frizz, which colored hair is prone to.

If your hair is damaged, it isn't too late to revive its condition and bring it back to life. Hair that has suffered from several chemical processes can be treated with protein treatments, deep conditioning e.t.c

Hair Problem Diagnosis basically for Human Hair And recommended treatment.



Breaks easily

Protein treatment

Poor elasticity

Protein treatment

Prone to frizz

Smoothing serum

Split ends

Trim + split end products


Smoothing serum / leave in conditioner

Lack of shine

Smoothing serum

Prone to humidity

Smoothing serum


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