How to Detangle Matted Hair

Detangling matted hair is a process to maintain its integrity. To reduce shedding, keep pattern, texture, softness, bounce and knot-free hair, one must follow these key steps:

  1. Part Hair into Sections
  • It is easier to detangle hair when you have a definite start and endpoint.
  • Depending on the density of your hair, determine how many areas you will need to navigate those knots.
  • A good place to usually start is separating hair into four sections, parting hair vertically down the middle, and horizontally from ear to ear. The smaller the sections, the easier it is.
  • One can also work from the bottom up while detangling extension. Part horizontally across the wefts to detangle from the bottom up; still going section by section.
  • Scrunches, Duckbill clips, or can be used to keep the other sections out of the way while focusing on each section.
  1. Employ your Spray Bottle
  • Fill your spray bottle with water and your choice of leave-in conditioner or natural oils.
  • Spray each section lightly and evenly and allow a moment for extensions to react to the products.
  • Comb from tip to root.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb for initial detangling; comb slowly from tip to root.
  • Use your fingers for stubborn knots; this will reduce shedding and stress to your install.
  1. Brush Through Hair
  • Use a paddle brush to finish detangling knots and straighten out hair.

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Weave From Tangling

  • After detangling allow hair time to dry before styling entirely.
  • It will maintain your extensions and the ability to slide your hands effortlessly.

Curly Weave Tips

  • For a deep wave, extremely curly, or kinky Weaves/Wigs, be sure to tie your hair down at night.
  • Hair is prone to tangling because of its curly nature as well as friction and movement.
  • A tip to minimize tangling is to spray hair with your water & leave-in conditioner mix at night, brush thoroughly and braid hair into sections.
  • Two braids suffice for loose wave patterns, more braids for tighter curl patterns.
  • Braiding allows hair to maintain texture and not become one jumbled matted mess in the morning!
  • Then tie down edges and perimeter of the head with a silk scarf.
  • One can also braid hair and then throw a bonnet over it!
  • Whether you use a bonnet or a scarf, it does not matter, as long as the hair is not being pulled and twisted all night.

Straight Weave Tips

  • For straight weaves, one can just wrap your hair at night.
  • A wrap is achieved with a paddle brush, bobby pins, and a silk scarf.
  • For straight weaves, after prior detangled and drying, style hair as usual.
  • Start at the part of your style and brush in a clockwise motion to the right, secure the first section with a bobby pin directly over your right eye, then continue to brush hair until you reach the ear, secure with another bobby pin and continue until all your hair is wrapped around your head.
  • Use as many bobby pins as necessary, then place a silk scarf over the head.
  • Covering your weave like this at night will ensure a tangle-free head of extensions and will give volume.

Another option with both straight and curly weave textures is to pull hair into a low ponytail at the base of your neck.

Once you learn how to detangle matted hair, your hair life will be much easier to manage.

Knowing how to untangle hair is a great way to keep your look fresh.

Take great care of your hair and help eliminate these hair issues.

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10x10 Team