While Weaves and Wigs are our go-to when we think of protective styles and are quick ways to achieve new looks, they still require proper maintenance; below are tools required to untangle your Weave and Wig to keep your hair in good condition.

  • Comb

A wide-tooth comb is ideal for detangling, it has wide teeth, a handle for sturdiness and it’s good for all textures of extensions.

It is essential to use a wide-tooth comb for detangling matted hair; it enables one to get out knots and smooth out waves without the constant nagging that smaller combs often plague their users.

Wide-tooth combs usage can handle bigger knots, reduce shedding and fall out because the larger diameter offers less friction than smaller combs.

Another good comb pick is The Evolve Volumizing Comb it increases volume and detangles relaxed and natural hair, it works even better for the weave.

                                              Wide tooth brush

                                                   Wide tooth comb

  • Brushes

There are various types of brushes that will help in prolonging the life of your Weave or Wig to properly detangle them. Certain brushes will ensure you are not losing as much hair as some other hair tools that will pull out your hair strands causing much shedding.

Paddle brushes are also perfect for smoothing hair out in conjunction with a blow dryer. The brush should not be used for initial detangling because it will cause extensions to shed and also cause split ends.


                                                  Paddle brush 1


                                                            Paddle brush 2 

It is however advised to use iron-bristle paddles brush for fiber hair as this reduces shedding due to no lack of static electricity. Plastic-bristle brushes can be used for human/virgin hair, as they are usually silkier than fiber hair.

  • Clips

Clips are needed to secure sections of your weave when detangling.

Some clips that stylists swear by are

  1. Duckbill clips: these come in different sizes and color and can be found at any beauty store. They are either made of plastic or metal and are great to use because they are flat so can be slept in. They also have ridges to lock hair into place.
  1. Claw clips: are good for slightly smaller sections, they clamp the weave down in place and are durable.
  1. Crocodile clips: are good for sectioning larger portions of hair, especially when cutting hair.


                                                Duckbill pin (sample 1) 


                                                  Claw pin (Sample 2)          

  • A Spray Bottle with a nozzle is great for distributing product evenly across the hair. The bottle is usually filled with a mixture of water and conditioner that will be used to make it easier to detangle matted hair. Good to use before bed for curly hair.


                                                        Spray bottle


  • Hair Straightener; This tool is needed to style and keep your hair tangle free. For 10x10 fibre you can use a straightener at a temperature not higher than 180oC, unlike other fibre hair that cannot withstand heat.


                                                    Hair straightener

  • Silk Scarf- Silk scarves are perfect for keeping natural hair and extensions like new. Wrapping your hair with a satin/silk scarf reduces friction while sleeping.
  • Bonnet- A Satin/Silk Bonnet is ideal for super puffy styles or a lazy night. Bonnets keep hair contained and protected.
  • Bobby Pins- To secure hair after wrapping.

Thank you for reading, We hope you find this helpful.


10x10 team.