Moisture retention is the ability for your hair to stay hydrated in between wash days.

The reason curly hair has a harder time staying hydrated when compared to straight hair is because the natural oils produced on our scalps can’t travel down the strands of our hair as easily due to the coiled shape of the hair shaft.

Best Methods to Keep Natural (curly) Hair Moisturized & Hydrated

Natural (curly)hair is dry because our scalp that produces natural oils do not slide down our hair shafts easily as it would for people with straight hair. So these natural oils tend to just sit on the scalp, building up and being all flaky.

On the other hand, people whose scalps don't produce as much natural oils/sebum as they should do tend to have dry scalp.

This is where a good moisturizing routine comes into the picture. Moisturizing your natural hair helps to seal in moisture into your hair strands, so your kinky curls stay hydrated and flourishing. To keep those curls popping, here are 22 best methods to keep your natural hair moisturized.

  1. Your hair needs water
  2. Wash your protective styles
  3. Oil your scalp
  4. Use the hot oil treatment
  5. Moisturize your natural hair with sealants
  6. Avoid over styling your hair (less manipulation)
  7. Using the LOC/LCO method
  8. Use satin pillowcases and bonnets
  9. Moisturizing with just oil and water.
  10. Only use water-based moisturizers
  11.  Pre-pooing your natural hair
  12. Find out what your hair needs
  13. Use the maximum hydration method
  14. Trim those split ends off
  15. Avoid applying heat on your natural hair
  16. Deep conditioning your natural hair
  17. Do the wash and go method
  18. Protect your natural curls
  19. The baggy method
  20. Get over the hand in hair syndrome

In our next blogpost, we shall go over some of these methods to best keep your natural hair hydrated and moisturized.

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