It’s the holiday season again…! We all love holidays and always can’t wait to get it rolling.

More so, the season of yuletide, where everyone anticipates seeing their loved ones and friends that have not been seen for months or even years. 

I particularly love this season because there is so much love being spread across friends and family. It’s almost as if I can do anything and get away with it because I will be forgiven like I never did any wrong. *Smiles*. Then comes the part when I get to receive loads of gifts and visit all the places, I couldn’t go all this while. Not to mention the long and short trips… Oh! how I love the adventure…

Lest I forget, I know a lot of you beauties will be traveling a whole lot this period, and might be worried about how to put your wigs in that tight corner of your box without getting them damaged.

Let’s show you how to do this in an uncomplicated way. Let’s go…

How to Pack a Styled Wig
Wigs are practical in that they are light and don’t take up much space. They can be squeezed and stuffed but here lies the danger; wigs can break! So, in order not to damage your new wig, the trick lies in the way you fold and pack it.

  1. Turn your wig inside out (unless it’s heavily styled or spiked), carefully curl up long tresses and place it gently inside the wig top. Then put a hair net around it to keep everything in shape. 
  1. Now, store it in a zip-able plastic bag to avoid moisture or at least put it in a (silky) scarf for protection. If your wig is very dear to you, pack it in your carry on. Alternatively, you can also wear it on your head.

Once you get to your destination, keep your wigs in the silk bag when you’re not wearing them, rather than hanging them on a door or spreading them across a chair or couch to avoid mistakenly ripping the lace.

Photo of a silk bag you can put your wig in


Long Flight Trips
If you have a long-haul flight ahead of you, you may not want to sit or sleep in your wig for an extended period of time. A great tip is to take your wig bag or box with you into the bathroom, as well as your headscarf and do a quick change in there.

Alternatively, you could opt for a stylish turban for the entire flight as they offer full coverage and warmth – perfect for a night flight. 

Photo of how you can tie your scarf to protect your wig


Check the Weather
If you don’t have to wear a wig every day, you might want to check the weather report because wearing one in super windy or hot and humid weather is dreadful. Are you going to get your hair wet during rainy days, a cruise or beach holiday? Are you going to be active?

If you do want to wear it, make sure you secure it well. Does it secure with a headband only or have extra clips or clasps to attach to the wig cap?

You want to look extra fabulous and not all mangled or short of hair during your trip so a quick weather check is vital. Also, wearing a hat on top of a wig isn’t the greatest idea. Too much hair, too little headspace.

Extras to Pack with Your Wig
To wear your wig, you need a hair net for your own head (not just the one to secure the wig in when you travel).

Should you be a scatterbrain like me, consider packing at least one back up wig as well as a comb with wider teeth to gently comb the hair and not yank at the strands.

Don’t forget the right shampoo and conditioner for artificial hair; and if you use front lace wigs, keep the wig glue handy.

Fill them into travel size bottles and seal by placing cling film between the bottle neck and cap to avoid a spilling on the plane. It does happen.

In fact, let me leave you with a list of things you need to slay in your wigs when you travel.

  • Wig nets
  • Conditioner
  • Shampoo
  • Glue
  • Collapsible Wig stand (if you have enough space in your bag)
  • Wig pins
  • Wig comb
  • Wig case
  • Make up powder (if you want your wig to look natural, try applying this on your wig)


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