In this Eid season/holiday, there are three (3) most popular different wig constructs you can buy and heads will anonymously turn to your direction. Please see below for your delight.

  1. Frontals
  2. Closures
  3. 360o frontals
  • Frontals

A Fontal is a hairpiece that goes from ear to ear and runs from 5 inches up to 14 inches, depending on the length of weave used. Typically, lace and silk materials are used as the base for the weave, which blends into the skin and divides the hair into two parts.

One of the greatest advantages of a frontal is that you can part your hair in nearly every way possible and you are good to go.

In choosing the right color, it is best advised to:

  • Pick a color that compliments your skin tone.
  • Always do a strand test.
  • Closures

Closures are usually 4x4” or 6x4” inch patch placed on the middle, front portion of the wig. A closure is similar to the frontal but doesn’t give as much room for versatility in hair parting. A closure only allows side and center partings. It is the same concept with a frontal, as it also made of lace and silk material


In choosing the right color, it is best advised to:

  • Pick a color that compliments your skin tone or sometimes weave color.
  • Always do a strand test.
  • 360o Frontal

360o frontal is one that covers your full hair line, all way around the head and gives room to different ways of styling. This type of frontal is mostly used for the popular lace wig styles as it leaves you borderless about edges or hair line.

360o frontal closure suits all occasions as it can be in variety of ways with no limitations as seen below.

  • 360o frontal can be used for a high or medium ponytail
  • Freestyle partings
  • It can be packed in different ways
  • And it gives zero worry about front line hair being exposed.

We hope we have been able to give you inspiration for your next hair style……

Happy holidays from all of us at 10x10!!