Many women just buy shampoos off beauty counters without having good knowledge of what the shampoo does; how it relates to your hair & scalp and the best way to use it.  It’s important to consider your scalp when choosing a shampoo as it helps with cleansing your scalp of oil & dirt, while conditioners help revitalize your hair strands. When it comes to hair routines, one size definitely does NOT fit all.

This week, we would enlighten you on some of the different types of shampoos and how to use them.

Regular Shampoos

This is majorly used by people who don’t have any specific hair needs. They just use it to keep their hair clean whilst maintaining the scalps natural oils.

Clarifying Shampoos

This is for people who use loads of styling products on their hair. This shampoo helps with cleaning out build-up in the hair & scalp from extended usage of things like silicones, moisturizers, styling products & leave in conditioner.  It’s more like a hair & scalp detox. But be careful not to over use it as it is harsh & constant usage can make your hair dry & frizzy.


                                Kera Care Clarifying Shampoo

When to use:

  • To remove product build-up
  • If you have an oily scalp
  • To fight pollution
  • When your hair looks/ feels lifeless
  • To improve hair vibrancy.

Anti- Breakage Shampoo

This shampoo is specially made for damaged, over processed, weakened or brittle hair. It is designed to gently cleanse the hair & restore its pH Balance and repair damage. It helps make your hair stronger & healthier.

Purifying Shampoo

This focuses more on the scalp than on the hair as it has cleansing, soothing and antimicrobial benefits. This shampoo is best for dandruff prone hairs as it helps keep hair clean & hydrated.


                            Kera Care Hydrating & Purifying Shampoo  

Moisturizing Shampoo

One of the major reasons people have dry & weak hair is because of lack of moisture in the scalp. When our scalp fails to produce oil to lock in moisture, it leads to dry brittle hair which eventually leads to dandruff. This shampoo comes highly recommended if you have dry & brittle hair as it helps strengthen your hair & gives it a shiny look. But for people with very oily scalp, a moisturizing shampoo is a NO NO.


                            Kera Care Moisturizing Shampoo                         

You are thinking what type of Shampoo is ideal for your hair!!!! Well the best way to decipher this is by doing a scalp & hair analysis.

For Dry Scalp

  • Stay away from fortifying & volumizing shampoos as it can strip your scalp of moisture
  • If you have itchy or dandruff prone scalp lookout for shampoos that have moisture/hydrating features. Kera Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo comes highly recommended for people with Dry/itchy scalp.
  • Don’t use any shampoo with sulfate ingredients. 


                Kera-Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for dry & itchy Scalp 

For Oily Scalp

  • Stay away from shampoos that has moisturizing & hydrating formulas as it adds too much moisture to an already oily scalp
  • Stick more to clarifying shampoos but don’t overuse it
  • After shampooing, avoid conditioner on your scalp & rinse out hair very well

For a neither dry nor oily scalp, always choose your shampoo based on the hair type & desired result as at time of application. If you are looking for more shine, a moisturizing shampoo would do, if you want to give your hair a boost volumizing shampoo is your best bet.

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