There’s no denying that sometimes your hair can seem a little damaged or dull due to environmental factors such as harmattan, dust, rain, swimming in chlorinated water or it could simply be from the use of harsh chemical products that rip off natural oils from your hair. When all these happen, maintaining healthy hair can be overwhelmingly stressful.

People generally have the impression that it's expensive to revitalize your hair regularly to keep lush & healthy hair. The good news? It’s not all about having expensive revitalizing treatments done, it's doing the right treatment, at the right time in the right way with the right products that matter. That’s why at 10x10, our professional in-house stylist will guide you on the treatments needed specifically for your hair & schedule appointments with you to ensure it's done at the right time

Confused as to what type of treatment you should have done or signs that you need a specific treatment? Here are some basic treatments you should endeavor to do once you get the recommendation. Also, note that some of the treatments discussed here are so intense and are best left to professionals to handle at our 10x10 Salon.

Hair Treatments & Benefits

Protein Treatment

Every woman's hair needs protein. A protein called Keratin makes up the majority of the hair strand, this keeps it strong & full of elasticity. This treatment is quite important as it helps with hardening your hair cuticle layers by patching up any gaps caused by chemical straightening (Relaxing) or heat damage. Some of its benefits are

  • Reduces breakage
  • Makes hair smoother, stronger & shinier.
  • Makes hair fuller & avoids splits end
  • Helps with hair growth
  • Serves as a barrier around the hair shaft which helps to lessen future damage

Signs to know your hair needs a protein treatment

  • Breakage & excessive shedding
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Hair is limp & stringy
  • High hair porosity.
  • Weak & split ends.

                               Hair after protein treatment (shiny & fuller)               

Moisture Treatment

Just like the name implies, this treatment adds moisture to the hair & is the perfect treatment for dry & frizzy hair. If your hair naturally doesn’t retain moisture, you should add it to your hair care regimen & ensure you get an intense moisture treatment at least twice a month. It is also advised to do a moisture treatment at your next appointment after getting a protein treatment as the hair will feel hard after the protein treatment. Some of its benefits are

  • Hydrates hair from the roots and prevent damage
  • Prevents breakage & split ends.
  • Restores hair pH balance
  • Helps prepare the hair for other treatments
  • Helps with hair growth & rejuvenation
  • Softens the hair
  • Repairs & strengthen hair

Anti-Dandruff Treatment

Before we discuss the importance of this treatment, we must understand what Dandruff is. Dandruff is a skin condition that causes flakes of skin to appear in one’s hair & may sometimes be very itchy. Several factors such as hereditary, person’s age, weather, stress level, infrequent shampooing, oily scalp & choice of hair products can exacerbate this condition. Simple signs to indicate a person has dandruff is

  • Itchy scalp
  • Oily scalp with dry flakes
  • Scaly/white skin flakes falling from the scalp

                                Dandruff-ridden hair (Before)           


                   Dandruff free scalp(After anti-dandruff  treatment)         

Now that we have explained what dandruff is, it's easier to understand why the treatment is needed for healthy hair. This scalp treatment is of huge benefit to anyone suffering from the above-mentioned symptoms as:

  • It helps unclog hair follicles & resets sebum levels
  • Serves as a means of exfoliating the scalp to get rid of dead skin cells
  • Prevents hair dryness & flakes
  • Prevents itchy scalp

All the scalp treatments mentioned is an essential part of the hair journey as they:

  1. Help with relaxation!! There’s nothing like a good scalp massage
  2. Stimulates blood flow by making it easier for blood to reach the follicles and deliver essential nutrients
  3. It helps prevent thinning and hair loss
  4. Makes it easier for your hair to grow

If you need any help, kindly visit our 10x10 salon at G11, Landmark Boulevard, Water Corporation Drive. V.I. Lagos.

Lots of hair love

10x10 Team