From Date-Night to Weddings to Business Meetings to Girls Night-out to Formal Dinners, there are so many occasions that require different hairstyles. Sometimes, we get so comfortable always wearing a specific look that we find it difficult to try other looks. Why not switch from that go-to hairstyle & let 10x10 switch it up for you this season, be it Wigs or Weaves, our professional Stylists have got you.


The Long Wavy Style

  • Fashionable
  • Effortlessly chic

This style is perfect for an everyday look, going about your errands, catching up with friends out and generally for daily wear but that with extra ‘umph’.

10x10 Wig HANNAH

The Ponytail

  • Put-together
  • Formal
  • Party
  • Date night

This style never goes out of fashion and suits both formal & casual occasions as long as you choose the right Weave (in terms of curl type and volume). This is one of the most popular hairstyles for bridesmaids in Nigeria.

Some women love to have their Ponytail installed & rolled all up to a neat bun at the center of their head for a formal look, whilst others love to have the weave really long and flowy for a party look. Some even request for the pony to be woven, for that playful look (reminds me of wonder woman lol!).

Whichever way you want it styled, with our 10x10 Weaves and clip-ons & in-house professional stylist, you can get the perfect pony tail look to match your occasion.

Our 10x10 LONG WAVY bundle can achieve this   

Our 10x10 DEEP CURL bundles can achieve this


Curly Bangs

  • Party
  • Girls’ night-out
  • Strong-look

Let’s go back to the 80’s, every time I think ‘Curls’ it reminds me of strong, bold and confident black women like Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Karyn White & Gabrielle Union. This retro look can be adapted for your evening outings and you sure are going to make heads turn. Bouncy curls make you look all classy and peng.

Have you tried our 10x10 Wig Chloe??? With its virgin texture & easy to maintain length you don’t have to break the bank to get such great quality & slay for that special occasion…


Curly bangs, similar style can be achieved with our 10x10 Wig CHLOE


Blunt-cut Bob

  • Boss lady-look
  • Business meetings

This iconic cut is an all-rounder every woman can wear anytime, anywhere, any day for that sophisticated look. Bob’s really stand out when they are stick straight. Bobs are very ideal for business meetings & other official outings during work hours. Given its short nature, you don’t have to fret about your hair being messy or the need to always brush it at intervals. The 10x10 Wig Natalie, will give you the perfect look...


Blunt-cut Bob, similar style can be achieved with our 10x10 Wig Natalie

Long Straight Hair

  • Everyday
  • Party
  • Date night

Straight long hair is a must-have for every woman given its multi-purpose function. This style can be worn for weddings, dinner dates, birthday parties, etc.

You can never go wrong wearing a long straight hair. It’s been trending for so long and doesn’t feel like it’ll be leaving the fashion scene anytime soon.

Wearing long hairs makes most Nigerian women feel very confident about how they look. It’s safe to say that 3 out of 5 ladies you see on the streets of Lagos are wearing long hair.

Straight hairs can be expensive especially ‘Bone Straight Hair’, which is why 10x10 Wigs Livia & Sophia was made budget friendly to fulfil your desire to own long straight hair.


10x10 BONE STRAIGHT bundles that can be converted to a Wig


Do you need any help picking the right Hair-style/Wigs/Weaves for any of your occasions? Visit our 10x10 salon at G11, Landmark Boulevard, Water Corporation Drive. V.I. Lagos for professional advice and recommendations.