Did you know that not all African hair is the same in terms of the look, feel & texture? Black women have hair that is naturally kinky, wiry, and has tight curls.

Women of color have hair that falls under the Type 4 group, which is the driest type, hence making it very fragile.  A common misconception about type 4 hairs is that it doesn’t grow long. This is so not true!!!! With the appropriate care, it grows long and is very beautiful when styled.

We would look at all Type 4 hair and give you little tips on how to take care of them. They are divided into 3 major groups

  1. Type 4A
  2. Type 4B
  3. Type 4C



Type 4A is very easy to identify as its stretchy & the hair forms clearly visible curl patterns with spirals. The texture is usually either fine or wiry.  Some of its features are

  1. Very few cuticle-layers
  2. Easy breakage due to its poor natural protection
  3. High density that makes hair appear darker
  4. Prone to dryness
  5. Moisture retention capacity is much higher
  6. Hair is very fragile

Hair Care: Due to its naturally defined curls, its best to use sulfate free shampoos when washing.  Try to use shampoos that contain tea tree oil & other products that are very rich in cream


                                        Type 4A straightened out


This type of hair has bold and bouncy zigzag patterns. It’s very voluminous and as it grows, it becomes denser, coarser & coilier. When you pull a strand of a hair, you notice the length is longer than it looks. This is because 4B hair types is prone to shrinkage; other common features are                           

  1. Coarse in nature
  2. Hair dryness & breakage

Hair Care: Women with 4B should learn to go for protective styles such as braids, buns & twist as this helps protect the hair from damage. Learn to avoids styles like ponytails, twist outs & roller sets. Constant moisturizing of hair is required & after wash, its best advised to use a microfiber towel to dry hair.


                                         Type 4B 


With its tight coils, sharp angles, and naturally voluminous texture, 4c hair is the tightest of all type 4 locks. As much as we love 4c hair, we have to admit that maintaining it can be an intimidating task. With this type of hair, you need to have a steady routine that works.


                                                   Type 4C

Hair Care:

  1. Constant deep conditioning is required to keep hair soft & hydrated at all times.
  2. Also endeavor to always use a satin silk/ Cap at bedtime this would help reduce dryness & frizz.
  3. Have an effective co-wash routine to help detangle, nourish & improve hair strength

Do you have any challenges with maintaining your hair, our professional stylists are well trained at identifying the different hair types & guiding you through simple routines to keep your hair lush & healthy all year.

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