The hair industry is a robust one with so many manufacturers, retailers & hair distributors selling different types of hair hence giving people the luxury of having so many varieties to choose from. The major challenge is that most end users can’t easily tell the difference between the various types of hair in the market and may end up paying more for less. Also, given the high demand for hair in the market, quality is currently at an all-time low hence why 10x10 Hairs should be your go to store for quality hair.


This week post is to HELP you understand the different types of hair extensions & wigs to serve as a guide for your next hair shopping.



This brand of hair is created using low quality either Acrylic, Polyester, or Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) of fine plastic fiber, it is inexpensive to produce synthetic hair that’s why anyone can easily afford it as they are usually cheap. Basic features are

  • Can’t undergo any chemical process such as coloring
  • Comes ready to wear
  • Low price
  • Not durable (Last only 3-5mths) highly dependent on how regular wig is used
  • Can’t be washed as it can destroy the hair
  • Easy to care for
  • Comes in so many colors & styles
  • Heat resistance (can’t be straightened nor curled)
  • Easily tangles after 1st use
  • Not recommended for people with sensitive skin as it can cause itching
                                    Curly Synthetic Hair
Bob Fringe Synthetic



This is a blend of human hair (30%) & synthetic hairs (70%), the percentage may vary based on the manufacturer.  This hair type is a thing now as it makes it easy for lovers of human hair to those who can’t afford it to still look good without breaking the bank.  Some of its basic features are

  • Last longer than synthetic
  • Can be washed & re-used but likelihood of hair tangling post wash is very high
  • Requires frequent brushing while in use, especially in humid situations
  • Appears more natural
  • Can be curled & styled


    Human Hair Blend (short & Long) 



    This is a better option of hair for people who want to avoid the cons of synthetic hair. Fiber hairs have heat resistance features as they can be

    • Straightened using a straightener
    • You can use a curling iron on it
    • You can use a blow dryer
    • Can create different styles of it
    • Any style created stays locked in place till the next heat-styling.
    • Last longer than synthetic hair (can use for 6mths – 1yr) if maintained properly.
    High quality Fiber Hairs: 10x10 PREMIUM FIBER 10x10 WIG EMMA 



    This grade of hair has not gone through any form of permeation, coloring, steaming or any chemical process. It’s still in its original state before you purchase it.  It is believed to be expensive and for the high-class but guess what!!!!! 10x10 offers the best price for premium virgin hairs & our professional stylist, can assist with coloring/ styling whenever the need arises.  Virgins hairs  common features are

    • Very smooth & tangle free
    • Durable and last longer than any grade of hair (you have to care for it just like you care for your natural hair)
    • Very comfortable to wear
    • Only available in natural color
    • It can be bleached, colored, curled & straightened.
    • Its premium quality makes it stand out from other types of hair (looks & feels different)        



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