A Wig-Cap is a base material for a hairpiece that covers the head just the same way a baseball hat or cap covers the head. Usage of wig caps when wearing a wig is a personal choice and many women would prefer to wear their wigs without a wig cap as they normally claim it causes heat on the scalp, especially during summer. 

Whatever the reason, hair/ wig experts recommend the usage of Wig-Caps when wearing your wigs because asides from the comfort it gives;

  • It also helps with serving as a barrier between your wig & scalp, which makes it a more hygienic option.
  • Serves as a shield for your scalp as it prevents chafing from the wig’s fabric, especially for people experiencing hair loss.
  • It helps your wig stay firmly to the head thus preventing it from slipping off.
  • Can be washed frequently

Now that we understand why Wig-Caps are essential for your daily wig-wearing routine, we need to know how to choose the right wig cap to compliment your skin tone.


Importance of your wig cap color

There are a few things you need to consider when selecting a wig cap; most important thing being the color. The color has to match your skin tone, especially for those wearing lace closures or frontal wigs. This is because you want the parting to look like your natural scalp & not the wig cap underneath


Types of Wig Caps

Nylon Wig Cap 

This is made from fabric similar to those used for our Panty-Hose. They are invisible and undetectable under your wig. This type of wig cap is ideal for people who wear wigs on a daily and want a wig cap that helps provide a natural-looking hairline beneath the wig.

     Dark Brown (Melanin Skin tone)
Beige Nylon Wig Cap


Mesh Wig-Cap

This wig cap is similar to a fishnet stocking; it offers elasticity & flexibility features. Since they have holes in them, they are incredibly breathable and keep you cool under the wig. They are worth considering if you live in a region with a warm climate or a stage actress that works under hot theatre lights.


Universal Color on light skin


Universal Color


Spandex Wig-Caps

These wig caps are thicker than nylon ones but are still flexible and breathable. Some people choose to wear spandex caps without wigs as they consider it fashionable. Spandex wig caps are very durable as they can go through a considerable amount of wash & wear.


Honey Brown Wig Cap for dark skin tone


Tips when wearing a Wig-Cap

  • Keep more than one wig cap on hand so you never have to wear your wig without one.
  • Try different materials till you find the most comfortable, ‘blendable’, and breathable one for you
  • As tempting as it may be, avoid plucking flyways from your wig caps Instead, take the extra time to adjust your cap and tuck tiny hairs away inside
  • Always find a method that works for your hair depending on the length & texture, you need to master the best way to put your wig cap on. You can always watch tutorial videos online or walk into our 10x10 salon at G11, Landmark Boulevard Water Corporation Drive. V.I. Lagos for a little hands-on training.


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