I remember those days, when I was much younger and I go to the salon to relax my hair, there was only one choice of equipment to dry my hair, and that was… the Standing Hairdryer. Then, suddenly, the system of getting under the dryer started fading away, welcoming the Hand Dryer. This is still very much in vogue and is seen in almost every (if not all) salons we enter today.

It feels good to have your hair washed and you just go straight to sit in front of the mirror to have it blow-dried before styling. That feeling you get when the hot air is touching your scalp, especially if you have dandruff; you would even think that the heat would kill off all the dandruff. Lol! Little did I know that I was damaging my hair follicles and cuticle… *sad*. I thought I was being a modern lady in a modern salon. Lol!

In the end, it is not about how fancy or modern the salon looks, neither is it about the trend (the kind of tools in vogue), it’s about the professional stylist in a salon that knows his/her onus.

That said, let me tell you some of the benefits of using a wall or standing dryer instead of the hand dryer;

  • Blow drying causes “flash drying” effects which remove surface moisture and water that is bound to the hair, called water of hydration. Flash drying makes the cuticle dry, rigid, and brittle which in turn causes the cuticle to crack, and when the hair is combed, it breaks. These would never happen with a wall or standing dryer.
  • Too much blow-drying causes scalp dryness and this is a breeding ground for dandruff but with the standing/wall dryer, the extent of scalp dryness is reduced.
  • Blow drying can damage your hair texture, which is not the case with the wall or standing dryer as the heat is not as concentrated, but diffused

Notice the hand dryer is on a particular spot for some seconds? Heat will be concentrated there, which is not healthy for your hair…

  • You can style your hair and have curls done with a wall/standing dryer, but this cannot be achieved with a hand dryer.
  • Your styles last longer than when you use a wall or standing dryer
  • Wall or standing dryer causes less hair damage because it produces both air and heat, which is diffused and less intense compared to when you use a hand dryer.
  • Wall or standing dryer gives your hair volume and shine.
  • Wall or standing dryers are perfect for deep conditioning/treatment, which is not achievable with a hand dryer.

Picture of a lady having her hair treatment done. See how comfortable she is!


At this point, I’m sure you are having a rethink about how to treat your hair going forward. Lol!

Like they say, “the beauty of a woman is in her hair”. Take care of your hair and build your confidence… winks*

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