The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear of ‘scalp massage’ is… “SLEEEEPP”.

Yes, you read that right. I just fall asleep whenever I get the opportunity to get a good head/scalp massage from a professional hair stylist.

I guess this is because not many hair stylists or salons know how to massage my head/scalp properly, as a lot of them just want to rush through the washing process and discharge me so that they can attend to the next client (... more clients attended to, more money… lol!).

This shouldn’t be the case though because a salon, asides a place meant for relaxation, there are also many health benefits of regular head massages. Any client that walks in should have a relaxing time, and be given a memorable experience.

A salon is also like a spa, where you get pampered and leave looking beautiful and refreshed. *Smiles*

Below is a video and picture of one of our clients getting her hair massaged during her shampoo process;

Our client feeling so relaxed during our head massage at the shampoo basin

 Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the immense benefits massaging your hair/scalp while washing your hair can give:

  • Creates better blood flow and circulation, which leads to hair growth
  • Cleanses and revives hair strands from root to ends
  • Reduces stress which can cause thin hair growth
  • Aids gentle exfoliation of the scalp so dead skin cells don’t accumulate and lead to dandruff
  • Takes away product build up and in turn improves the production of sebum on dry scalps
  • Reduces pain and discomfort around the head

So, we implore you, when next you visit any salon, insist that you are given a head massage during the shampoo process, when conditioner has been applied.

This is the best time because with conditioner as opposed to shampoo, doesn’t make your hair dry, the conditioner makes the hair soft hence making it easy for your hands to glide around soothingly during the massage.

Better yet, come into our salon at Shop G11, Landmark Boulevard, Water Corporation Drive. Victoria Island, Lagos where we guarantee that you haven’t experienced a shampoo like ours before. We have a unique shampoo technique that will leave you, your scalp and your hair feeling so relaxed and refreshed that you will keep coming back again and again for more. #itsapromise

Have an amazing week!
10x10 Team