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10x10 Market Storm

                                                     10x10 @ Trade fair

For most women both old and young, having a bad hair day can completely ruin your whole mood; so, we can all appreciate the popularity that wigs have gained in this part of the world. However, there is still always the issue of price, decisions on the styles based on what is trending, the care of the wigs, where to buy from, the quality, so many questions.


10x10 @ Balogun Market

For this reason, I am happy to introduce 10x10 [pronounced at 10 by 10] to you! It is a Japanese hair brand - meaning top quality, that launched in October 2021 in Lagos, Nigeria and is making wide strides in the market. I am sure you may have seen their ads on billboards, BRT buses, or definitely on Instagram.


10x10 [pronounced at 10 by 10] just wrapped up their highly successful Market Activation at Lagos Island and Trade Fair which went on for 9 days. It was indeed a Market Storm with various Competitions, Performances, Giveaways, Shoutouts, and of course Sales and Freebies. The brand has created waves in the hair industry by connecting directly with wholesalers, retailers, and end-users, bringing its Wigs & Weaves closer to valued customers.


10x10 Market Blast!

What is so fantastic about this brand is that they are the actual manufacturers of their products so forget about customs clearing, dealing with different suppliers, numerous negotiations with different hair vendors, and unprofessionalism, especially if you are a wholesaler or considering going into the hair business.

That is not all, their factory has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing Premium Fibre (not synthetic oh, Premium Fibre), so you can imagine the quality, Premium fiber that can take heat up to 180oC, and that can be washed and revamped back to brand new.

Asides from all this, as their name implies 10x10 [pronounced at 10 by 10]; means over a hundred varieties of styles, colors, and lengths. If you have 100 women in a place, you can imagine all the personalities you will come across; 10x10 is saying that they have a Wig/Weave for every single personality, occasion, situation, mood, and budget.

They also have Virgin Human Hair because they understand that in those 100 women, there will be Virgin Human Hair users and they are also covered by this brand.

Have you ever seen a hair brand whose price range is (currently) from N10,000 – N448,000???? So, EVERYONE will find a product that appeals to them.

They are big on inspiring confidence in the African Woman, no matter if you are a student, if you are just starting in life, or if you are at the peak of your career, 10x10 [pronounced at 10 by 10] is that older sister to hold your hand, giving you the confidence to succeed or that partner egging you to shatter any ceiling that has been placed over you.

Another fun fact about 10x10 [pronounced at 10 by 10] is that at their Flagship store at Shop G11, Landmark Boulevard in Victoria Island Lagos, they have a members-only salon where they care for your natural hair and scalp, not just about looking beautiful on the outside alone. They can also customize your 10x10 wigs, and style them to perfectly suit you. They also have a training center in this same location, where they offer free training and seminars for stylists and hair enthusiasts; did I mention that it is FREE!! They also value customer feedback as this is directly related to their R&D team in Asia to ensure that the next batch of products is of even higher quality in even more desirable styles.


They have over 60 products in total and most of these come in up to 7 different colors each, in a variety of lengths, curl patterns, and styles; you need to check out their beautiful and detailed website ( where you can relax and take your time to browse through their Wigs and Weaves before you make a selection.

Guess what else? They offer SAME-DAY DELIVERY within Lagos if you place your order online before noon!!! They are also running an unbelievable PROMO at the moment both online and in-store where you get a free Virgin Human Hair Weave (Bundles) with every fully priced Wig/Weave you purchase. So even if you buy N20,900 Premium Fibre hair, you will get a free a Virgin HH Weave worth up to N63,700 and get 50% discount off the Closure for the same weave you win.

You need to follow their Instagram page (@10by10styles) to keep up with the mind-blowing PROMOS they sometimes have for their customers and also so you can take part in the competitions they have, where they give out lovely branded items.

In conclusion, 10x10 [pronounced at 10 by 10] have established solid partnerships and received overwhelming support from the wholesalers and retailers at Balogun and Tradefair markets and they're committed to revolutionizing your hair game, empowering you to embrace your unique style and confidence. Their brand stands for Confidence, Excellence, Quality, and the ursuit of Hair Perfection!


10x10 products are brought to all African women reflecting their voices using the best materials, technology, production method and finishing to the littlest detail even on the inside.

Join the 10x10 [pronounced at 10 by 10] movement and experience Confidence like non-other. Quality, Beautiful and Comfortable Hair, adding color to your daily lives.

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